Moving away from daily updates, and why.

Hello everyone. I hope you’re enjoying Sermomancy so far!

At present, Sermomancy comprises 55 chapters of 1001 words each, for a total word count of 55,055. I’ve written this over the course of 55 days. I’m a faster writer than a lot of others I know, apparently, but Sermomancy updates still take me about 2 hours each to write on average.

My day job takes up around 40 hours per week, plus another 10 for commuting. Add this to the 14 hours or so necessary for writing Sermomancy, and the handful of other hours that go into things like story planning, site maintenance, or Patreon rewards, and I’m basically working a 70 hour week.

This has been workable so far, because I’ve been living a bachelor’s lifestyle. Those who watched the first Q&A video will have heard me refer to “my wife,” and that was no lie – but up until now, she’s been living in another country, waiting on a visa that will allow her to return her permanently. I’m very pleased to say that the visa in question has now come through, but this means that as of very soon, I will have a lot more things going on at home!

This is one reason why I’ve decided to stop updating Sermomancy daily. There’s another. I’m referring to the fact that it takes up 100% of my creative time and energy. I thought I was prepared for this – and I was, in many ways – but I feel like my energies would provide the best return if I split them over a wider range of projects. Doing so would allow me to grow more quickly as a writer and a creator, and also to reach a larger number of people through a variety of approaches – and hopefully introduce them to the joys of Sermomancy in the process.

Will I still be updating Sermomancy? Just try and stop me. I refuse to leave poor Pamela in the state she’s in, I refuse to leave Cap and Stem separated, and I refuse to leave Karl free of the consequences of his actions. I refuse to leave Bull and Hope halfway up their tower, in a jam, and I refuse to leave poor Faulkner treading water in the grips of Regulan tyranny. Mark my words, this story will be finished.

When will it be finished? Well, probably not in the 2.74 years that I originally intended, when I decided upon daily updates. I still intend it to take up 1001 updates in total, since that’s about the length required to do justice to the scope of the story I have planned for it.

I will say, however, that there won’t be extended silly hiatuses, pity party posts, or anything of that sort. This project has become important to me. There will, however, likely be a few very sparse weeks coming up while I deal with the logistics of my wife finally moving to this country.

If you like what I’ve been doing here, I suggest following me as an individual on Twitter, or if I’m too obnoxious for you there (and I wouldn’t blame you) just checking the news section here, since I’ll doubtless announce any concurrent creative projects on this site too!

Here’s to 946 more Sermomancy updates – just not as quickly as initially planned!


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