A story in 1001 parts.


 1001 words each.





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Hello everyone. I hope you’re enjoying Sermomancy so far! At present, Sermomancy comprises 55 chapters of 1001 words each, for...

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Hey all! Hope you’re enjoying Sermomancy. If you are – or even if you aren’t, and want to mouth off...

What is Sermomancy?

Sermomancy is a story told in 1001 parts, each comprised of 1001 words, published over 1001 days. It’s also an...

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0055 – Bull & Hope: The Tower, Part 8

Bull and Hope had failed to consider one very important thing about the way the tower worked. They had grown...

0054 – Leftenant Faulkner: A Good Man, Part 7

By Faulkner’s reckoning, Pak’ton was working with an eight hour head start. Pak’ton was one man, alone without maps or...

0053 – Leftenant Faulkner: A Good Man, Part 6

Faulkner made a habit of rising at dawn, but the events of the previous night had left him exhausted, and...

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